Aspira Clubs

The Youth Leadership Development Program (LPD) is the core program of ASPIRA. Through school-based leadership ASPIRA Clubs, students learn the 'ASPIRA Process" of awareness, analysis, and action. The program provides leadership training, cultural enrichment activities, and community action projects that teach students how to develop their abilities to become effective leaders of their communities. Through ASPIRA Clubs, youth are challenged by giving them opportunities for self-direction and self-determination so that they can stretch to their full potential. As a result, Aspirantes learn to sustain their own motivation and direction helping them to create order, meaning, and direction in of their lives and to contribute their leadership skills to their communities.

Delaware's Aspira high school clubs can be found in Newark High School, Christiana High School, Dover High School, Glasgow High School, William Penn High School, John Dickinson High School, and Delcastle Voc Technical High School.

Saturday Academy

The ASPIRA Saturday Academy program assists and supports students and their families during the college search, application, and admission process. All of our services are free. This program is especially important for current high school seniors, but any high school student is welcome to participate in our two introductory sessions. Parents are encouraged to attend as well.

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Las Americas Aspira Academy 

At Las Américas ASPIRA Academy (LAAA) we are focused on providing our students with a positive learning experience.  Their learning goes beyond content knowledge and includes the richness of bilingualism, biliteracy and biculturalism.  Our students are acquiring the necessary skills to succeed in our diverse society.  At LAAA, we don’t see language as just a form of communication, but as a bridge to connect our communities. Our charter school currently serves students from Kindergarden to 8th grade. 

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