Are community members and leaders with the desire to help an underprivileged, ambitious youth considered at-risk due to home environment and/or poor decision making finding success today, tomorrow, and always regardless of obstacles that might arise in their lives.

Must apply to join the program, commit to a one-year term obligation, undergo training, and submit to a background check.

Responsibilities Include:
• Attend mentor orientation and maintain regular contact with ASPIRA YFS Mentoring Staff
• Assist YFS mentees with homework, college process and career development if applicable
• Attend with YFS mentee at least six scheduled workshops throughout the year that focuses on various youth development topics
• Communicate with Mentees and parents through phone calls, emails and text messages to follow up on workshop activities and progress, as well as establish rapport
• Monthly updates and communication with YFS mentoring program staff and Mentorcore software
• Continue semi-passive mentoring during the summer timeframe checking in (phone calls, text, emails) to get updates, helping to problem-solve, and offering encouragement
• Cultivate relationship/partnership with parents

Support for Mentors includes:
• Orientation workshop, Webinars, and training materials
• Regular communication of deadline reminders, event information and programming updates to both Mentors, Mentees, and Parents
• Access to online clearinghouse of Mentoring resources
• Answers to questions, and additional information and intervention if concerns arise
• Ample opportunities for Mentors, Mentees, and Parents to build rapport